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NEW Coaching App for Australian Cricket

25 September 2018

We are pleased to announce we have revamped our “Australia Way” app to the Cricket Australia Coaching app.

So, what is new about that is app?

The new training session planner (MyTraining) is an ideal way for coaches to create their own session plans on the go. Choose from over 200 different activities to create fun and engaging sessions for your players or access weekly sessions designed by Cricket Australia.

For further MyTraining information please view MyTraining help.

Accreditation cards will be also housed on the app in our membership portal allowing you to carry it anywhere you go. Log in details will be the same as your log in details to the Community Coach website.

We also have fantastic new resources like the “Above the Shoulders” series accessible in the app. Above the Shoulders is a wonderful set of Mental Skills resources that can be used by coaches to tackle the ‘other’ side of the game! It really is the ultimate coaches toolkit that fits in your pocket.

To download the app please click here.