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MyCricket Junior Coach nominations required for new season

19 September 2017

Commencing this season, we require the identification of Junior Coaches through MyCricket and the following mandatory fields will be required for all Junior Coaches and teams:

- Mandating that a Junior Coach is selected for each Junior Team
- Mandate that new Junior Coaches enter an email to their MyCricket Profile

After consulting with and engaging the key people from Clubs, Associations and State and Territory Associations, it has become clear that we need to increase the emphasis placed on the benefits of having currently accredited community cricket coaches to guide and inspire the next generation of cricketers.

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, it was identified that Australian cricket did not have a mechanism for identifying the coaches or individuals who are responsible for each junior cricket team at any given time.

This season Cricket Australia requires each club to nominate a coach for each junior team at their club. Please ensure selected coaches and club officials are aware of their obligations under applicable state legislation designed to assure child safe sporting environments.  

The benefits for coaches and players include:

  • Access to resources to support our coaches and make their role easier and more enjoyable (e.g., Cricket Coaches Australia activity videos, follow up S/T workshops/seminars and special offers).
    Higher levels of player retention due to players enjoying the best training and game day environments possible which enables them to continually develop.
  • Higher levels of coach retention due to increased confidence and personal fulfilment in the role.
  • An understanding of the importance of providing a fun and safe environment for our players (incorporating a Working with Children Check).
  • A three-year implementation plan is currently being activated in conjunction with the cricket community to ensure coaches are supported in their role. The simple timeline is:

2017/18 – register a coach to a junior team upon registering the team through MyCricket. Coach must have signed up at to be registered to a team.

2018/19 – register a coach with an Introduction to Cricket Accreditation upon registering the team through MyCricket. Coach must have completed the Introduction to Cricket Free Online Course at

2019/20 – register a coach with a Community Coach Accreditation upon registering the team through MyCricket. Coach must have completed the Community Coach Accreditation face to face one day course at which can be enrolled in at

There are thousands of passionate and knowledgeable community cricket coaches just like you who are driving this high-quality experience for our future international stars and our future club committee members alike. Australian Cricket must place an increased value on the role of community cricket coaches and champion them accordingly.


More information about how to complete the registration process date or enrol in a coaching course can be found here

Information on how to be selected as the coach for your team can be found here