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Guy McKenna presents to Victorian Premier coaches

21 November 2017

Guy McKenna recently presented his experiences on Leading and Managing Talent to Premier Cricket coaches in Victoria

Last Wednesday evening the Victorian Premier Coaches and the newly appointed Coaching and Talented Specialists enjoyed a wonderful presentation from dual AFL Premiership player and coach, now Coaching and Talent specialist in Victoria, Guy ‘Bluey’ McKenna.

McKenna opened proceedings with some insights into his own youth; delighting in the fact he was the youngest of four boys. Those early days spent competing for a kick with big brothers seemed hard at the time, but served him very well in the long run. A fine young sportsman who was a good cricketer as well as an Australian Rules Footballer, McKenna offered a key parental message he was taught in hi youth; the 60/40 rule.

“Mum and Dad said, give 60% and expect 40% in return.” He explained how his parents drummed into the family that if you expect 50% back for 50% input you will often be disappointed. If you give the lions share, you usually reap the rewards of greater return from those around you.

Imbedded in his experience as a coach of young talent at the Gold Coast Suns were the use of the 4’C’s of Coaching; Chart the Course, Communication, Concepts and Competition.

These were pivotal elements of the program. McKenna went on to articulate that the ship needs to know where it is going, the sailors need to know what their role is, they also need to know how to carry out their role and to do it better than everyone else.

Just as vital were the 3 P’s of performance; Physical preparation and ability, Psychological preparation to compete and win and of course the third P, ‘play’ the game.

Everyone in attendance was engaged and had a wonderful opportunity to delve into the thoughts and ideas of one of Australia’s most successful team sportsman. McKenna’s presentation has been shared with all the Coaching and Talent Specialist around Australia.