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Gatorade run the drinks winners gallery

04 February 2016

With thanks to Gatorade, 5 lucky coaches got the chance to run the drinks at the recent Victoria Bitter ODI series. Check out the gallery below of the winners on the day & their winning entry on how their coaching reflects the principles of the Australian Way National Coaching Philosophy!

Darrel Forrest - Queensland 

"Fun equals success, which equals working out how to play. Grab a bat and ball and have fun. Make small adjustments to find the success."

Dee Clayden - Western Australia

" My coaching is based on the idea that you always stay positive. What I lack in skills I make up for in positive energy and encouragement."

Douglas Burgos - Melbourne

"As a coach for refugees/ asylum seekers I ensure that the needs of all my participants are met and we promote cricket as a sport for all regardless of culture, age or skill level."


Jonathan De Conno - Adelaide

"To warm-up, we’ll discuss a part of our game that needs attention.  We split into groups and each create a drill and trial each one."


Shane Rich - Sydney

"Always encourage. Have a plan but be flexible. Keep it FUN, Keep it moving, Ensure everyone is involved. Game and team challenges incorporating different skills."