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Coaching Update

16 April 2019

It’s been another big summer in the Coaching space.

We successfully implemented a new suite of online modules that created the new introduction to cricket accreditation with additionally Junior and Master Blaster modules. We also had over 2000 coaches attain their Community Coach Accreditation.

The Coaching & Talent Specialists from around the country have been working tirelessly to develop coaches at grassroots level along with developing players through the pathway to their respective academies. There contribution to cricket has been enormous and are looking forward to what the next 12 months looks like.

Our Cricket Australia Coaching app was relaunched with new features where you can create your own training sessions, it’s also where all coach’s accreditation's cards are held. It was these changes that gave the app recognition on the world stage being shortlisted for “Best Technology for Participation” award.

In exiting news, we will soon be launching a new platform where all coach education will be held. All our online modules and face to face courses ran by State and Territory associations will be housed on this new platform changing the experience how coaches access the content. These updates will be happening after April 18, therefor courses won’t be accessible on our website after this date until the near future. We are continuing to focus on content that can be shared widely with coaches of all levels. Recently, we developed material for Representative level coaches from experts and experienced coaches which will be available on our new platform. If you have any questions regarding the above please contact Cricket Australia Coaching at