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Coach Burnout

09 October 2019 | Eva Ellmer for Cricket Australia

Like many other high performing people, coaches often experience internal and external stressors that may lead to burnout. Due to the competitive, unpredictable and variable environments in which coaches operate, their roles are often described as being complex, dynamic, and turbulent. Coaches have to cope with adverse circumstances, for example, unusual work hours, traveling, contracted positions, job insecurities and pressure from the media and (wider) society. However, the coaches’ voice on the topic of coach wellbeing and burnout is not very well represented. Therefore, researchers from the Ruhr University in Germany want to hear what coaches have to say about coach burnout and how it can be prevented.

To contribute to this study, feel free to follow the link to complete the voluntary and anonymous survey.

While it is part of the coach to help athletes deal with pressure situations, we often forget to turn our attention to the coaches to see how they best manage their stress levels behind the scenes. To learn more about how to recognise signs of burnout and how it can be prevented, check out this article here.