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Coach approach

09 October 2015

Your role as a coach is to make sure your players have fun, are learning the game and leave wanting more.

Your own coaching philosophy must result in your players wanting to turn up to training each week, be excited about learning something new and want to practice at home. 


The best way to get your sessions started is to be organised! You should know what facilities you have access to and the equipment you’ll need to run a smooth session. Allow time before the players arrive to set up your equipment where you want it and this will help to improve the quality of the activities.

Keep in mind that the structure of the activities you put in place need to involve players working in pairs and small groups, maximising their opportunities to perform skills and making sure that no player is left standing up. 


Clear communication and organisation will ensure players are constantly engaged and involved in safe and challenging activities while getting the most out of your training session. When addressing your team, make sure the players are front and centre and maintain eye contact. Your messages need to be clear and simple so that Players can spend more time doing rather than listening.

So when a player arrives to your session, what should they expect?

They should be engaged in an activity straight away and have ample opportunity to perform skills, Your emphasis should be developing players over a period of time, from one week to the next.Players can learn to compete in a variety of ways, against an opponent, in pairs, in teams, even against themselves. Competition can be mini games, relays or challenges or for players to simply catch five balls in a row without dropping one or to master hitting a ball with a free swing of the bat.

Be positive! 

Success for the players will be demonstrated by their improvement and the acquiring of new skills, You can have a hugely positive infulence on your players and using praise for skill based feedback is a great way to do it.  If players can identify areas they are improving in, they’ll be keen to stay involved. This will also increase their enjoyment of cricket so be creative and allow players to express themselves. You want players to try new skills, incorporate competition and be constantly engaged. Smiling faces is a good indication the players are having a good time! 

Never underestimate the influence you have.  If you can be positive and enjoy yourself, then so will your players!