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Can Former Athletes Be Taught How to Coach?

05 February 2018

One need not look too far to find stories of athletes-turned-coaches who have been dismissed from a coaching role. With little recourse to the skills that served them so well during their playing careers, they have often floundered when devising game plans and sending out others to do what seemingly came naturally to them. Cricket Australia believes such scenarios are avoidable and tackles the question through its renowned High Performance Coaching Program.

Every year in March, Cricket Australia induct 24 elite level coaches on their High Performance Coaching Program and it is not uncommon to see former Test and first-class players amongst their number.

“Whilst I was involved in the program, Matt and Darren provided many opportunities for me to develop and expand my coaching skills so that I could learn about being a high performing coach in the modern game” says former Test fast bowler Ryan Harris – a 2015 graduate of the program.

With some of its esteemed alumni in mind, Performance asks Betsey how Cricket Australia is giving former players the best possible opportunity.

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