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CA Coach App Now a Global Awarding Winning App

30 May 2019

Cricket Australia's Head of Coach Development Matthew Betsey receiving the award in London.

The 2019 Yahoo Sports Technology Awards’ winners were revealed in a ceremony attended by the sports industry elite on Thursday 2nd May at The Roundhouse in London.

The event, which has been dubbed ‘the Oscars of Sports Technology’, once again proved its global status with leading sports brands from around the world vying for its coveted trophies.  The Awards, which celebrate tech-led innovations in all sports, attracts entries from over 30 countries and 50 sports; its 14 categories are reviewed by 40 judges spanning players, athletes, sports governance and business visionaries.

The shortlist for this category included CAP2, Motitech, MyLocalPitch, Sports Engineers, Tennis Australia and ASB GlassFloor, with Cricket Australia winning the trophy.  Cricket Australia’s ‘Coach App’ is designed to support and promote ongoing development of its volunteer coaching community. The technology helps improve the cricketing experience for players, coaches and volunteers across the country and delivers the experiences to keep young people participating in sport for longer.

Raj Mannick, Head of Sport for Yahoo Sports, said: “This is a very cool coaching app that delivers directly into community coaching and participation, which is the lifeblood of sport. Congratulations Cricket Australia for putting such strategic and dedicated effort into this; applying this level of technology and culture to one of the oldest sports should be held as a strong example to many other sports.”

Matthew Betsey, Head of Coach Development at Cricket Australia, said: “There are so many great organizations at this ceremony trying to make sports better, and I that’s really positive. Recognition from the Sports Technology Awards is great, it’s exciting for sport moving forward.”

Rebecca Hopkins, CEO of the Awards explained: “The Yahoo Sports Technology Awards is now unequivocally the sector’s ultimate accolade and is recognized as a mark of excellence internationally. This year really was especially ground-breaking in terms of the technologies which won; our judges, who aren’t prone to hyperbole, noted that winning entries were radically changing the sector – even to the point of saving athletes’ lives.”

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