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In this section you'll find the answers to regular questions coaches have about Cricket Australia Coaching and navigating through the website. 

How do I log in to the CAC website?

Log in steps

How do I find my Log In details?

Your username will be an email address you used to first register as a coach or for the introduction to cricket online course. If you have forgotten your password, just click the forgotten password function. If you do not have access to that email address anymore please contact Cricket Australia Coaching at

How do I view my Accreditation and Cricket ID Coaching number with the CA Coach App?

Please view the Step by Step Guide to access this information. 

How do I renew my accreditation?

Coaches do not need to renew or re-accredit their accreditation. We promote ongoing learning and coaches should continue to learn and develop their coaching to give players the best experience possible through State and Territory coach development opportunities and conduct learning through our learning portal.

How do I register for a Community (Level 1) Coaching Course?

Step by Step Guide
Step by Step Video

What do I have to complete to receive my Introduction to Coaching Certificate?

Step by Step Guide
Step by Step Video

You must complete all 7 short online modules.

They are:

Creating a Safe and Inclusive Environment

Creating a Quality Experience

Philosophy and Pathway

Scoring Runs and Taking Wickets

Prepare to Perform

Junior Cricket Formats

Match Management

Is Introduction to Coaching still a pre-requisite for a Level 1 Community course?

You must complete the Introduction to Cricket course before attending a Level 1 course.

How do I register for a State or Territory Masterclass and/or Workshop?

Step by Step Video 

I have just completed learning, why can’t I see the next available course?

The system is updated every 24 hours over night. You will be able to see the next available learning the day after.  

What is MyTraining resource on the Cricket Australia Coaching app?

MyTraining help

How do I update my email address?

Visit and follow these steps.

Will I still receive accreditation cards in the mail?

No, accreditation cards will be accessible via the Cricket Australia Coaching App downloadable in the app store.

Coaches will log into the app in the membership portal as they would onto to the community website with there email address and password. If you have forgotten you details please refer to the above 'How do I find my Log In details'.

How long does my accreditation last?

Accreditation doesn't have an expiry date. Coaches will be able to access learning in their context based on their accreditation level.

Are there renewal fees?

No there isn’t, renewal fees have been removed across all accreditation levels as the Community Course is now free.

What is the minimum age to attend a Community Accreditation Course?

Minimum age to participate in a Level 1 course is 13 years.