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Providing a high quality education program to develop young people through cricket


Cricket has long been recognised as an integral part of life in India and indeed throughout the world. The passion for the game runs deep and for many the game is often seen as a microcosm of life itself. A cricket match is sometimes described as being a miniature battle through which the very best qualities can be seen, including courage, integrity, honesty, individual excellence, extraordinary team work, great leadership, and humility in both victory and defeat.

Through cricket, one can learn the great life values of integrity and respect; it affords opportunities for development of communication, leadership and team skills; it embraces individual excellence and flair, while also valuing cooperation and communication within a team environment; and through its egalitarianism, it enables people of all backgrounds to have equal access and opportunity to participate. It also requires dedication to meeting the performance standards of the skills themselves.

Fourth Dimension International Limited, in partnership with Cricket Australia, has developed the Cricket Education Program (CEP), a comprehensive six-year sequential development program for boys and girls of 9 to 14 years of age, due to commence in India in October 2009. Through CEPs competency-based training format, participants will engage in cricket development activities and learning, in addition to their regular schooling. Certificates will be awarded each year, culminating in the Diploma of Cricket.

CEP – In Summary

Participants each year enrol in a 36 week program consisting of two sessions per week. Each session will be completed out of school hours and run for 120 minutes. The program will cover individual sessions on the skills of cricket including batting, bowling, fielding and wicket keeping. Participants will also learn game strategies, mental skills for cricket, nutrition and fitness – all within a framework based upon the latest in skill development techniques and activities. Through this practical training program, including a study of the history and culture of the game, children will also be educated in principles central to the game itself: respect, integrity, trust, cooperation and the pursuit of excellence.

All sessions will be conducted by qualified local cricket coaches trained by Cricket Australia. These training sessions will provide coaches with the latest coaching techniques and principles central to CEP. Consistent with these training principles, participants will be provided with programs based upon maximum participation through provision of appropriate ratios of equipment and coaches per student, and through appropriately structured activities. Programs also have as a primary aim the provision of individual instruction to assist the learning process.

Each level will have a continuous competency based assessment (performance standards reflect a balance between knowledge/theory and practical performance) to qualify for each award and progress onto the next level. Participants will receive a certificate at the satisfactory completion of each year culminating in the Diploma of Cricket at Level Six.

Integral to the education process is a commitment to demonstrating core cricket values as defined within the program – leadership, respect, communication and integrity. Participants are expected to display such values throughout the program, with specific skills (such as communication and leadership) being taught at appropriate phases.