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Becoming a Coach

Every team needs a coach. To organise, encourage, inspire, instruct and keep players safe.

Becoming a coach


Some of you may have applied to take on the role and some of you were the only willing person to put your hand up. It takes time, matches on the weekend, an hour training session during the week. But - you do it because you love cricket!

As a parent, you have a great opportunity to spend time with your kids by sharing their passion and helping out as the coach. You will meet great people at your local club who will quickly become friends.

If you've played the game, coaching presents an opportunity to share your experience and knowledge with others and give back to the sport that gave you so much enjoyment.

While studying at university, cricket coaching provides a great volunteering opportunity which may lead to a potential part time work near you!

Never underestimate the influence you have on our players. Many will hang on every word. Most stay in the game, not because of the game itself - but because of the person in charge – that’s you!

If you are positive and enjoying yourself, good chance your players will and they’ll be keen to come back next week.

Benefits of coaching

The benefits of coaching are extensive both intrinsically through self-enrichment and extrinsically as a community service. The following highlights some of the common reasons why people get a ‘buzz’ out of coaching;

  • Personal enrichment through providing a valuable community service;
  • Assisting in the skill, mental and social development of participants;
  • Enjoyment and satisfaction of being a member of Cricket Coaches Australia and your club or schools coaching team;
  • Excitement at helping participants achieve or do something in life they haven’t tried or achieved before;
  • Developing relationships with players, parents, umpires, opposition and the broader cricket community; and
  • Being respected as a skilled member of the coaching community.

How to become a coach

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