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The Introduction to Coaching Course now consists of 7 short online modules.


Context - These modules have been developed to assist junior cricket (Stages 1, 2 and 3) and community coaches by outlining important information for all new coaches and include strategies and resources that will help to create fun and engaging learning environments and one that allows all participants to enjoy the game, develop new skills, meet new friends, and have some success along the way.

Coaches should note that the learning assumes no experience in cricket or coaching. It is important for all coaches to complete this learning so Australian cricket is aligned in giving the kids a great experience.


How to complete the Introduction to Coaching online learning?

Pre-requisites – nil. These modules form a part and are pre-requisites for those going on to complete the Community Coach accreditation.

The seven modules are:

  • Creating a Safe and Inclusive Environment
  • Philosophy and Pathway
  • Creating a Quality Experience
  • Junior Cricket
  • Scoring Runs and Taking Wickets
  • Preparing to Perform
  • Match Management

Accessing the Course:

  1. To register as a coach click here 

  2. Select Courses from the menu.

  3. Select the Explore Courses button (It will ask you to login in if you have not done so already)

  4. Select the Introduction to Coaching learning or Open Curriculum. Note that you can scroll to the right by placing your mouse over the row and you will see a right and left arrow button. Hit the arrow to scroll across and bring up more courses.

  5. Launch one of the seven modules and commence.

Completion – On completion you will receive an email with instructions on how to download your certificate.

If you haven’t done so already, download the CA Coach App as it will help to support your learning and help you deliver great cricket sessions. Please note the already massive CA Coach App will again be updated and further developed in this space for season 2022/23.

Cost – The modules are freely available to all coaches and volunteers.

Journey – This is the second step for coaches working with Blast cricketers or the first step for all other coaches.