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The Introduction to Coaching Course now consists of 7 short online modules.

These modules have been developed to assist community coaches by outlining important information, strategies and resources that will help to create fun and engaging learning environments and one that allows all participants to enjoy the game, develop new skills, meet new friends and have some success along the way. In order to obtain your certification, you must complete the Introduction to Coaching course. These can be completed as standalone modules (approx.. 15min per module). Modules include:

  • Creating a Safe and Inclusive Environment (Core Module)
  • Philosophy and Pathway (Core Module)
  • Creating a Quality Experience (Core Module)
  • Junior Cricket
  • Scoring Runs and Taking Wickets
  • Preparing to Perform
  • Match Management

How do I complete the course?

Step by Step Guide
Step by Step Video

The Introduction to Coaching course is still a pre-requisite of the Community Cricket Course and must be completed prior to enrolling in the Community Course certification and attending the Face to Face session. The theory, principles and key messages outlined in the modules will be reinforced during the practical component of the Community Course. The image below outlines what modules form part of the Introduction to Cricket Course and highlights the practical topics that are covered in the Community Course. To enroll in a module, or to complete the Introduction to Coaching Course, go to Courses and Workshops on our coaching website.