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Context – The Community Coach Course has been developed to build on the knowledge developed during the Introduction to Coaching and Junior Coach modules with particular reference to coaches creating and developing their own training sessions. During the face-to-face course coaches will have the opportunity to collaborate with others and build on the areas they would like to develop more skill or expertise in. The course is primarily hands on practical session development.


How to complete the Community Coaching learning?


Registering for the course:

  1. To register as a coach click here and follow the prompts or login in if you are registered but not done so already

  2. Select Courses from the menu. Under Course Listing select the state /territory you are looking to do the course in

  3. Select the type of course and review availability

  4. Select view details and then register as indicated

CompletionAfter completing the face-to-face component of the course you will be signed off by the facilitator in the LMS. When this administrative task has been completed you will receive your certificate of completion via email.

If you haven’t done so already, download the CA Coach App as it will help to support your learning and help you deliver great cricket sessions. Please note the already massive CA Coach App will again be updated and further developed in this space for season 2022/23.

Cost – The Community Coach Course remains free to all Australian Cricket coaches and volunteers.

Journey – This learning follows the Introduction to Coaching modules and the completion of the Junior Coach modules on the CA Coach App.