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A number of exciting changes have been made in relation to the Community (Level 1) Coach Course this season. A series of online modules have been created, across a variety of different topic areas, to compliment the 4 hour face to face practical session. Participant feedback suggested that the time spent engaging in practical activities during the face to face session was by far the most important and beneficial part of the course. As a result, this component of the Course is now entirely practical, and the theory, concepts and key messages outlined in the online modules will be brought to life in a practical way. It is important to note that the Community Coach Course has been reduced from 8 hours to 4 hours, with a significant amount of theory (previously presented during the face to face session), now presented through the online modules. 

The good news is that the Community Coach Course will again be free for the 2019/120 season. This significant investment will continue to help develop coaching skills around Australia, with an emphasis on junior cricket, by making Courses more accessible to parents, volunteers and all budding cricket coaches who devote their time and effort to ensure children of all backgrounds and skill levels can enjoy the game we love!  

How will you benefit from completing a Community Coach Course?

There are many benefits associated with completing a Community Coach Course. Ultimately, you will have access to the latest information and resources to help you create fun and engaging sessions for your players! The Course will also contribute to the development of creative and inspiring coaches that coach The Australian Way where players can enjoy the game, develop new skills, compete and have some success along the way!

Throughout the course you will be provided with important information, strategies and resources associated with a number of key areas, including:

The technical skills involved with the game (Scoring Runs and Taking Wickets)
How to help prepare your players to perform and to lead the game
Game understanding and awareness 
Different teaching/coaching techniques and methodologies 
Effective ways of conducting training sessions to ensure maximum participation and engagement 
The impact of creating a fun, safe and inclusive learning environment with a ‘duty of care’ to all players
Awareness of the various factors motivating young people to play and enjoy the game
How to track player development throughout the season. 

Post Course, you will have access to hundreds of videos and other resources via the Cricket Australia Coaching website. In addition, you will also have access to the Cricket Australia Coaching app where you will find a number of tools to help you, including:

o The new MyTraining session planner where you can build your own session plans and/or access a series of sessions that have already been created for your convenience
o An Above the Shoulders tool to tackle the ‘other’ side of the game 
o Access to 200 different Activity Clips across all areas of the game 
o Access to your Accreditation Card

What do I need to do to sign up? 

  1. Register as a coach here
  2. Complete the Introduction to Cricket course online (7 short, online modules).
  3. Register for a Community (Level 1) Coaching Course.
  4. Once completed both components are completed, to attain your certificate request the Community (Level 1) Coach Certification.

If you have any issues, you will find some FAQ's here or email us on