Cricket Australia Coaching


Cricket Coaches Australia (CCA) in partnership with State and Territory Cricket Associations are responsible for the delivery of coaching and volunteer coordinator courses throughout Australia.

Australian Cricket's Coach Accreditation

Cricket Australia offers the following levels of accreditation for coaches across Australia:

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Cricket Coach Development explained

Cricket Australia manages the coach accreditation. It's our job to make sure our coach development system is the best in the world!

Your state/territory cricket association is responsible for running courses and workshops designed to provide an opportunity for to you to achieve accreditation but more importantly, develop as a coach.

Accreditation Course Completion time

After initially signing up for the course, you have the following time frames to complete your accreditation before you will be required to pay additional fee (course, assessment, etc.)

Course Completion time
Woolworths Junior Blaster 2 years from commencement date
Woolworths Master Blaster 2 years from commencement date
Introduction to Cricket 2 years from commencement date
Community Coach 2 years from commencement date
Representative Coach 2 years from commencement date
High Performance Coach 2 years from commencement date

If you do not complete the tasks within the required time frame and wish to attain accreditation, you will need to complete entire course again. This may result in additional course fees to be paid.