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ACA Induction Program

The ACA Past Player Game Development Program has united all of Australian Cricket to help grow the game and develop better cricketers.

The Program is designed to utilise the significant knowledge, skills and passion of the past players and current female player communities in the specific areas of participation, pathway coaching and coach development.

Participation in this Program is open to any male or female past player member of the ACA as well as any current female players.

It is important for the quality and consistency of the program that we all understand the aims of the program and provide consistent messages across the country.

Therefore completion of the induction is compulsory.

ACA Members with current Level 2 and Level 3 Coaching Accreditations are required to watch the Induction Overview prior to completing paid ACA Game Development appearances.

ACA Members that do not hold a current Level 2 or Level 3 Coaching accreditation will need to complete the full Induction and submit their work sheets.