Premier Cricket Development Program

The Premier Cricket Development Program is designed to assist Premier Clubs to fulfil their dual role of talent development and community engagement by providing objective measures to drive minimum standards and allow for evaluation, comparison and overall improvement

Premier Cricket is a vital part of the competitions pathway and should be maintained as a strong and competitive environment which is both a breeding ground for the best national talent and the pinnacle of community cricket competition

Season 2017/18 has seen the name of the Club Accreditation Scheme changed to the Premier Cricket Development Program (PCDP). This name change has been made to reflect the feedback from the Premier Clubs around the interpretation of the words 'accreditation' and 'scheme', and to also recognise the changes within Australian Cricket of the Premier Cricket portfolio from Game Development to Team Performance.  

The Premier Cricket Development Program (PCDP-01) is in the third year of roll-out across 87 Premier Cricket Clubs in six States.

The PCDP tool helps clubs to continue to develop a quality experience for the players that come through the pathway and continue to deliver against the National Strategy for Premier Cricket (NSPC).

The following improvements have been made to PCDP-01 for season 2017/18:

  • PCDP-01 now contains 32 questions across 11 criteria.
  • PCDP-01 Criteria more streamlined to represent activities at Premier Clubs.
  • PCDP-01 weightings have been obtained by the number of questions in each Assessment Area. 
  • Minimum benchmark score increased to 80% i.e. >109 (consolidated from CAS-02 in 2016/17)
  • Assessment timelines updated to better align to pre-season and allow for States and Clubs to collectively review and plan for season 2017/18. 
  • Top 6 areas of assessment (which attract a higher weighting) have been revised to reflect feedback and ensure ongoing strategic alignment, include:
    • Female Cricket 
    • Governance + Management & Admin
    • Facilities + LGA/University Relationships
    • Financial Viability (Finances & Sponsorship)
    • Coaching & Performance
    • Volunteers

Other significant progress made in Premier Cricket across season 2016/17 included:

  • Buy-in and knowledge sharing within States and Premier Clubs
  • Linkage to ACA Premier Cricket Program (PCP)
  • 9 Premier Clubs recognised by the new Debutant Recognition Program (DRP)
  • State Preparation for implementation of the Women's Premier Cricket Development Plan in season 2017/18

Premier Cricket Development Program (PCDP-01) Executive Summary.pdf (5.93 MB)


During the 2016/17 season, a number of Premier Cricket competitions across the country have had to deal with the situation of cancelling a round of cricket due to excessive heat in their Capital City. In some of these cases, the Association may not have had in place a Heat Policy to refer to.

Please find available below the following items:

  • An example of a Heat Policy in action in a Premier Cricket competition; and
  • Example communications from State & Territory Associations communicating the cancellation of cricket in the competition due to extreme weather and the identified safety risks to players, umpires and volunteers.


McDonald's Premier Cricket Cancelled - Press Release.


Extreme conditions policy 2015-16.pdf (0.1 MB)

170210 - Memo - PC Cancellation 2016-17.pdf (0.5 MB)