Club Management

Clubs and associations work alongside local councils to develop and maintain areas such as facilities.

Most grounds or ovals are on council property and are managed by the local council. This means that they are generally responsible for the maintenance, curators, clubrooms, waste removal and car parking.

All clubs and associations should ensure that they clearly understand what the council is responsible for and what its own responsibility is in relation to ground location and facilities.

Clubs and associations should be aware of their local council and should build a strong partnership with council officers to ensure the relationship can be mutually beneficial.

When looking to form relationships with local councils, clubs and associations should:

  • Make sure they consult councils with proposed plans and activities.
  • Acknowledge and be aware of the local councilors and council staff members.
  • Invite council members to function or events.
  • Build their reputation and set an example for on-field and off-field behaviour.
  • Be considerate and respect neighbours to avoid complaints to local councils.
  • Work together on finding solutions and resolving problems.

Clubs and associations can find its local council by visiting their respective state website below:

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia

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