Clubs and associations are encouraged to use marketing tools to promote cricket and encourage people to get involved.

Promotion can be used to encourage new participants to play cricket, get volunteers involved at a club or association, keep members informed of happenings and so on.

Encourage new participants

There are a number of promotional tools that can be used to achieve the above outcomes including, newsletters, flyers and brochures.

Clubs and associations are encouraged to promote themselves as a “community hub” to engage new participants. Recent trends have shown that people choose to exercise for social and health reasons. Ways that you can promote your club to new participants include:

  • Involvement in cricket clubs can increase participants feelings of social cohesion through the creation of new friendships.
  • Cricket helps build a community with club members viewing their club as a ‘family’
  • Cricket is a game that embraces everyone, regardless of age, sex, race or religion.

Social Media

Social media is a free and effective tool to use when promoting clubs and associations. Popular social media avenues include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Although it is a popular and easy tool to use, it is recommended that guidelines are in place when using social media. Play By The Rules has created a toolkit to assist your club/association in developing social media guidelines.


Clubs and associations are also encouraged to create websites through MyCricket. Websites are an effective way of providing information, photos and news stories to members. To access information on creating a website, take a look at the MyCricket support document.

MyCricket New Club Website Template v1.pdf (0.5 MB)