Insurance And Policies

Clubs and associations wanting to sell alcohol on their premises must apply for a liquor license. The license controls the way alcohol is sold and distributed to members and guests.

Licenses are generally dealt with under the legislation known as the Liquor Licensing Act. The Act is not identical in each State or Territory; therefore clubs and associations should refer to the relevant legislation. It should also be noted that some legislation requires a club to be incorporated before it can gain a liquor license.

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Good Sports Program

A club is eligible to receive a Good Sports Accreditation when it applies to be a Good Sports club.

With over 1.5 million Australians already signed up, the Good Sports Program promotes a responsible attitude towards alcohol by providing free support to clubs.

The three-level accreditation program educates clubs that serve and/or consume alcohol about alcohol management standards. Clubs can move through the three-level accreditation program over a three to five year period.

Good Sports Campaign

Good Sports has just released their new and ground-breaking awareness raising campaign. This campaign is appearing online and on televisions around the country.

The campaign uses some fairly confronting and uncomfortable images of young people mimicking drunken behaviour that they have learnt at their sports club - so will definitely be a BBQ stopper.

To view the 30 second commercial please click here.

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