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Cricket is a game that is played in fairness. All people involved in cricket should follow the codes of behaviour.

The game of cricket is a competitive game that should follow a set of codes to keep the spirit of cricket intact. Clubs and associations are encouraged to adopt codes of behaviour to keep their environment fair. Codes of behaviour can be implemented for coaches, players, officials and parents.

A set of Codes of Behaviour has been written by Cricket Australia that clubs and associations can use in its entirety or as a guide.

Codes of behaviour can also be implemented in clubs and associations for social reasons. Cricket Australia has adopted a Racial and Religious Vilification Code that believes a player should not engage in any conduct that racially or religiously vilifies another player.

Coaches Code of Behaviour.doc (210KB)

Parents Code of Behaviour.doc (209KB)

Players Code of Behaviour.doc (209KB)

CA Anti-Racism Code 2014/15 version final.pdf (368KB)

Racial and Religious Vilification Code.doc (211KB)

Umpires Code of Behaviour.doc (211KB)

Cricket Southern Bayside Code of Behaviour - Players.pdf (203KB)