Club Management

Sponsorship is important to cricket as it provides added support to clubs and associations.

Sponsorship is when a business provides funds, resources or services to a club or association. In return sponsors gain some form of rights and/or association that can be used to help the business commercially. This could be in the form of a logo or signs at an oval or free advertising in the weekly newsletter or website.

Most clubs and associations rely heavily on the support from sponsors. Gaining sponsorship from businesses is a key driver in enabling clubs to succeed.

The Australian Sports Commission provides an outline of the requirements and guidelines to follow when creating sponsorship packages and seeking sponsorship.

A Sponsorship Booklet is a useful resource for potential sponsors. Sponsorship Booklets outline a club or association’s profile, sponsorship benefits as well as sponsorship packages.

A Sponsorship Proposal is also an effective tool that can be used when dealing with sponsors. Sponsorship Proposals outline the benefits of sponsorship, the sponsorship process and proposed sponsorship avenues.

Sponsorship Proposal.pdf (300KB)

Sponsorship Booklet.pdf (76KB)