Club Management

Clubs and associations are encouraged to hold fundraisers to provide the best possible environment for its players, coaches, volunteers and visitors.

Fundraising with the Australian Sports Foundation

Do you need to raise funds to support your club?

The Australian Sports Foundation works with Australian sports clubs and organisations to help raise money for Australian sport.

By registering with the Australian Sports Foundation cricket clubs will have the opportunity to raise funds for a range of projects and activities, including to improve facilities, purchase equipment, support team travel and much more.

The Foundation has unique Deductible Gift Recipient status, which means by registering with them all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible — a real benefit to donors that will also make fundraising easier for clubs.

The Foundation and its staff also offer a range of toolkits, resources and programs to provide guidance through the process and to assist with your fundraising project, as well as an online platform to ensure that promoting your project and managing your donations is as easy as possible.

In 2016-17, more than 19,000 Australians made donations worth more than $44 million to support organisations and projects registered with the Foundation. Half of all donations made were less than $100, while the average total amount raised by grassroots sporting clubs associated with the Foundation was more than $28,000.

 2017 Australian Sports Foundation - Sports Funding Breakdown

Adding optional donations to membership or registration forms and event tickets is one proven means of effective fundraising. The Foundation assisted organisations raise more than $1.2 million through these add-ons last year.

Dozens of cricket clubs across Australia are already benefiting from working with the Australian Sports Foundation to raise funds for equipment, nets, lighting, pavilions, events and more.

If your club is considering fundraising, please consider the Australian Sports Foundation. For more information visit; call (02) 6214 7868; or email

Traditional Fundraising

Fundraisers are held to raise money for a specific purpose including, the need for new equipment, training facilities, coaches and so on. There are many fundraising activities that a club or an association can partake in. Some include:

  • Renting out club rooms for small private functions.
  • Cricket merchandise auction.
  • Club breakfasts*/dinners with special guests or celebrities. (* - see download at bottom of page)
  • Club merchandise
  • Sausage sizzles.
  • Cricket games live in the club room.
  • Junior’s disco.
  • Golf tournaments.
  • Longest six competitions.
  • Fastest bowl competitions.
  • Coaching clinics/school holidays programs & activities.
  • Offering sponsorship/ space to advertise at the club.
  • Raffles.
  • Cricket fantasy leagues.
  • Sweeps.
  • Theme nights
  • Cricket Club’ got talent nights.

State and Territories may have specific legislation in place for fundraising. Visit the Funding Centre website to find more information on fundraising in your State or Territory.

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