Running your Club

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management can assist clubs and associations in managing, supporting and retaining its volunteers.

A Volunteer Management Plan is great way for clubs or associations to manage, support and retain volunteers.

Below is a checklist and templates to assist your club/association in managing your volunteers. If this is new to your club/association or you have a smaller number of teams then you may choose to implement a couple of items only. If you are a larger club or looking to improve further then you may choose to implement more from the checklist.

Volunteer Management Program Checklist.doc (0.2 MB)

Keeping your Volunteers.pdf (1.9 MB)

Recruiting Volunteers.pdf (2.7 MB)

Volunteer Exit Questionnaire.doc (0.2 MB)

Volunteer Handover Template.doc (0.2 MB)

Volunteer Contact List Template.xls

Volunteer Induction Checklist Template.doc

Volunteer Reference Check Template.doc

Volunteer Interview Questionnaire.doc

Welcome to the Club letter template.doc