Running your Club

Volunteer Management

The ongoing management of volunteers is an essential item in club operations that can often be overlooked until it is too late

It is only by recruiting new volunteers, retaining and supporting current volunteers and publicly recognising the enormous contribution of volunteers that clubs can ensure they are in the best position to support their club and deliver cricket to their communities

This section includes some easy to use templates to support you in proactively managing your volunteers

Volunteer Management Framework

The Volunteer Management Framework is designed for Australian Cricket Clubs and Associations to organise and assist volunteers. The Framework outlines information that Clubs will need to know about with respect to Recruitment, Place, Induction, Training, Supervision, Recognition and Succession Planning.

Cricket Australia encourages every Club and Association to have a Volunteer Management Action Plan - an editable template is below

National Volunteer Management Framework.pdf (3.3 MB)

National Volunteer Management Action Plan.pdf (1.6 MB)

National Volunteer Management Action Plan Template.docx (6 MB)