Running Your Club

Recruit and Manage Volunteers

Dedicating some time to managing your volunteers can pay dividends in recruiting and retaining your members each year. Below are some handy tools to help you get some structure in place and implement this season!

Club Member Skills Survey

Mould this template and use it to get to know the skill sets and interests of your members. Based on their answers you may be able to ask someone to help with a task or role within your club!

Club Member Skills Survey Template

Volunteer Contact List

Manage your list of volunteers with this easy to use spreadsheet. Record their contact details, registration and accreditation details (and any other details you like) all in one place which makes it easy to send communications and check compliance quickly and efficiently

Volunteer Contact List Template

Volunteer Induction Checklist

Mould this template and use to induct new volunteers in your club. Providing an induction process will not only make new volunteers feel welcome it will make them feel supported in conducting their new role by knowing who the right contacts are, any expectations the club may have and where everything is they need to do their job.

Volunteer Induction Checklist Template

Volunteer Exit Checklist

Use this checklist with outgoing volunteers to ensure you perform a well structured handover and pass on all relevant information, equipment and access to the next person at the end of the season.

Volunteer Exit Checklist Template

Volunteer Interview Questions

When appointing a new volunteer it can be beneficial to perform an interview to ensure you can get to know the person and make sure they are the right fit. This template will help guide you in this task and provide you with some example questions.

Volunteer Interview Questions Template

Welcome to the Club Letter

Mould this letter and send to all your new club members and parents to welcome them to the club. This letter outline key contacts as well as making it known the club is seeking volunteers and people may be called up to help out every now and then with simple tasks. Set the tone early and use it as a tool for recruiting helpers!

Welcome to the Club Letter Template

Volunteer Reference Check

With some roles it may be beneficial to do a quick reference check for new volunteers to the club. This template will guide you with some questions and help you record the information for easy filing.

Volunteer Reference Check Template