Running your Club

Online Registration is a MyCricket feature that allows participants to sign up directly with your club via

Club administrators can set up Online Registration and make it available to participants at a later date when you’re ready to receive registrations.

Benefits of Online Registration include:

  • The administrative burden on our volunteers will be reduced by giving you a platform that allows players to register online, and pay their assorted fees at the same time
  • There’s no need for registration days – clubs can spend the time providing other services or bringing people together for the purpose of “getting to know your club and team”
  • Clubs will be able to access and analyse player data easily and quickly
  • Better player management and communication due to accurate collection of email and other information
  • Ability for parents to register their kids 24/7 and players to register anytime and anywhere at


The Online Registration system allows clubs to offer part payments, which enables players and parents to pay their registration fees in 2, 3 or 4 equal installments.


For more information and step-by-step guides to setting up your club for online registration visit the MyCricket Support Website or contact the MyCricket Helpdesk at 1800 CRICKET