Running your Club

Insurance, Risk & Policies

Clubs and associations need to have a firm understanding of policies and procedures to create a safe, healthy and fun environment.

Well Played is Australian Cricket's policy and guidelines document designed for volunteer coaches, officials and parents who need to administer Cricket to ensure it’s safe, fun and inclusive for all.

Information on Australian Cricket standards for protective gear, heat guidelines, hydration and safety and injury prevention is also available in the Well Played brochure.

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Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are an important component of a club and association’s risk management program. Policies consist of a set of rules that are to be followed and influence the way in which members of the club or association behave.

Policies can be implemented for a range of topics including a healthy club policy, a risk management policy, social media policy, sun smart policy, alcohol management policy and smoke free policy.

A healthy club policy is a prominent policy that features in clubs and associations. It can include information on alcohol, drugs, smoking, sun protection, sports safety and healthy eating.

Social Media has become an increasingly popular tool that is utilised by clubs and associations. Social media is effective in promoting a specific message in a timely matter however; there are some probable consequences when dealing with social media, especially in a sporting environment. Therefore, clubs and associations are encouraged to adopt a social media policy.

Alcohol Management Policy.pdf (133KB)

Anti Bullying Policy.doc (211KB)

Going Smokefree Guide for Sporting Clubs.pdf (12MB)

Healthy Club Policy.doc (204KB)

Smokefree Policy.pdf (42KB)

OSHC Sample SunSmart Policy.doc (665KB)

CA Member Protection Policy.pdf (449KB)

Club & Association Member Protection Policy Template - October 2016.doc (194KB)

Safeguarding Children in Sports Blueprint Report - 2015 Summary.pdf (395KB)

Medical Emergency Planning Guide for Clubs.pdf (741KB)

SMA - Hot Weather Guidelines.pdf (62KB)

Beat-the-heat-2011.pdf (3.8MB)

Cricket Victoria Extreme Heat Guidelines.pdf (339KB)