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Australian Standard for Cricket Lighting

In August 2021, Standards Australia released AS 2560.2.

AS 2560.2 (“standard”) provides recommendations for the lighting of specific outdoor and indoor areas for 10 individual sports, including cricket. It does not relate to broadcast lighting.

From a cricket perspective, the standard provides lighting guidance for:

  • Outdoor Cricket (competition and fielding/ball skills)
  • Cricket Training - Outdoors (outdoor practice pitches/nets)
  • Cricket Training - Indoors (indoor practice pitches/nets)
  • Indoor Cricket – Competition and Training

The introduction of the standard is a significant milestone for our game and will assist in providing players, umpires, coaches and spectators with safer conditions, support increased skill development and execution ‘under lights’, as well as unlock greater programming flexibility as to when and where cricket can be played.

For further information on the standard, as well as what it means for cricket lighting projects moving forward (indoor/outdoor and training or competition facilities), Cricket Australia, in partnership with state and territory associations and lighting experts, has prepared a Cricket Lighting Guidance Note. Included within the note are also some examples of cricket competitions (and training) for each class of lighting.

The note has been designed to assist clubs, associations, councils and venue managers during the initial planning of a cricket lighting project, in particular the identification of what level of lighting is required for varying levels of competition or training.

To obtain a copy of AS 2560.2, please visit and search for ‘AS 2560.2’

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