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Club Support Guide

The Club Support Guide is a ‘one stop’ checklist designed to assist committees and club volunteers with the key activities which should be undertaken by the club during the appropriate time of the year. Not only does the guide define a range of tasks but it also provides links to resources, information, tools and templates designed to support and empower volunteers to successfully undertake each task.

To take advantage of these tips and tricks please click on the links below.

Club Support Guide COMPLETE

Club Support Guide COMPLETE

1. Preperation For The Season Ahead

Preperation For The Season Ahead

2. Pre Season Checklist

Pre Season Checklist

3. Start The Season Checklist

Start The Season Checklist

4. Mid Season Progress

Mid Season Progress

5. Wind Down Season

Wind Down Season

6. Seasons End

Seasons End

7. Post Season Review

Post Season Review

8. Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

More Information

More Information