Running your Club

Strategic Framework

Cricket Australia hopes that the Australian Cricket Club and Association Strategic Framework will provide direction for Cricket Clubs and Associations around the country to continue to develop, thrive and prosper so that cricket continues to be Australia’s favourite sport – a sport for all Australians.

The Club and Association Strategic Framework was developed to clearly articulate what Cricket Australia and the State & Territory Cricket Associations are doing and will continue to do to give local Cricket Clubs and Associations the support they need to thrive and prosper in the current environment.

  1. Cricket participation is strong and growing, especially in school. Cricket has not yet captured full opportunity of this growth in Clubs and Associations.
  2. Clubs face a number of challenges. Solutions will be implemented locally but require support.
  3. For cricket to continue to thrive, we need to put the player at the centre of what we do and strive to meet their needs and wants, while maintaining the integrity of our game.
  4. Cricket is increasingly competing for participants limited time, from a growing number of sport leisure and entertainment activities
  5. Australian society is changing, giving rise to new growth markets.

The Framework then organises the suite of club and association development and support activities under five focus areas:

  • Players
  • People
  • Places
  • Partnerships
  • Promotion

Each focus area has its own objective, targets and supporting initiatives.

Poster Example in Word 2015 Cricket Club Strategy.doc (3.7 MB)

Glen Iris 2015 Cricket Club Strategy Poster.doc (4.4 MB)

Australian Cricket Club and Association Strategic Framework.pdf (3.7 MB)

Australian Cricket Club and Association Strategic Framework - A2 Poster.pdf (1.2 MB)