Guide to Inclusion - Step 4

Look Outwards: Partner & Communicate


Engaging with partners brings extra resources and knowledge and assists building trust with parents and children. Develop mutually beneficial working relationships and partnerships with a range of organisations including Regional Cricket Manager (RCM), Youth Centres, Migrant Resource Centres, Girl Guides, Aboriginal Land Councils, Community Ambassadors, Club and School Ambassadors and religious groups.

Local Councils can be crucial partners in engaging communities as a source of validated community leaders, grants, facilities and discretionary funding.


For communities who have previously been exposed to cricket, there is a lower need for education on the fundamentals of cricket but more of a need to communicate details of local clubs, centres and programs and the benefits of structured cricket.

For communities with little knowledge or prior engagement with cricket, communication needs a more careful and planned approach, using various strategies.

Communication tips include:

  • Community information session on education and awareness programs at "soft entry points" natural community gathering points such as schools, language schools and community centres.
  • Clear messaging - where appropriate, shift from words to pictures in describing the game.
  • Focus on social benefits - Promote the benefits that come from engaging with cricket such as team work, making new friends and networks, building confidence, skill development, regular exercise and integration with the wider community.
  • Ensure anything written is in plain language and easy for people from non-cricket communities to understand.
  • Encourage youth participants to take anything about the game home with them.
  • Conduct sessions out of normal business hours.
  • Involve community leaders.
  • Provide food and incentives.
  • Select friendly venues - female friendly areas, language schools, community centres, schools.
  • Provide translated materials on the fundamentals of cricket.
  • Use diverse images in materials.