Guide to Diversity - Disability

Cricket Australia is committed to enabling access to sport for all Australians regardless of ability.

Disability - World Health Organisation Definition

"Disabilities is an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participation restrictions. An impairment is a problem in body function or structure; an activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by an individual in executing a task or action; while a participation restriction is a problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life situations." (World Health Organisation (WHO), no date.).

Disability cricket is for participants with any type of disability. People can also play mainstream cricket where appropriate.

Disability - Key Message

Cricket Australia is committed to enabling access to sport for all Australians regardless of ability.


Cricket Australia has long standing partnerships with several disability partners and is forging new relationships with others.

AUSRAPID is a national organisation established in 1986 to increase the sporting and recreational opportunities for all people with an integration disability within Australia. AUSRAPID have been a key partner since 2004. The organisation has helped Cricket Australia make cricket accessible to people with an intellectual disability as well as playing a vital supporting role in creating an Australian team for cricketers with an intellectual disability. AUSRAPID also played a major part in the creation of the Lord's Taverners Shield.

The Australian Intellectual Disability team has provided an opportunity for cricketers with an intellectual disability to travel overseas and compete in the Inas Tri Nations Series in England, South Africa and also here in Australia. AUSRAPID has also played a key role in the running of the Lord's Taverners Shield, an indoor cricket national championships for cricketers with an intellectual disability. Cricket Australia is working closely with AUSRAPID and Special Olympics Australia (SOA) to sign an MOU which aims to grow participation and increase high performance opportunities for cricketers with an intellectual disability.

Special Olympics Australia, a new partner of Cricket Australia, has recently been working to grow participation at a grassroots level and also helped organise the Inas Tri Nations Series held in Melbourne in March 2015.

The Lord's Taverners Australia has been a long-term partner of Cricket Australia and a significant supporter of cricket in Australia for many years. The aim of the Lords Taverner's Australia is to raise money for people with disabilities to assist them to participate in sport, predominantly cricket. They have supported many Australians to participate in the Lord's Taverner's Shield and the Inas Tri Nations Series as well as many other cricket tournaments such as the Deaf and Blind Cricket World Cups and other international tournaments.

Blind Cricket Australia has had a developing relationship with Cricket Australia for several years. CA is working closely with Blind Cricket Australia to further develop this relationship to grow participation as well as support national competitions such as the National Disability Championships and support the Australian Blind Cricket Team. CA is working with Blind Cricket Australia to sign an MOU that will formalise the partnership between the organisations.

Similarly, Deaf Cricket Australia, Deaf Sports Australia and Cricket Australia are working closely on a joint MOU to formalise their relationship. Deaf Cricket Australia has recently released a new strategy which is aligned with Cricket Australia's strategy and will ensure the sustainability of deaf cricket for years to come.

Disability - Fast Facts

  • People with a disability represent approximately 20% of the Australian population.
  • 2% of club cricketers are people with a disability.

Disability - Focus Groups to Increase Participation

Australian Cricket's focus disability segments, as outlined in the National Strategy, are:

  • Deaf and hard of hearing;
  • Blind and vision impaired; and
  • People with an intellectual disability.