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A Sport for All

Australian Cricket is providing fully subsidised Community Coaching courses this summer to help boost grassroots cricket. The initiative will develop coaching skills around Australia, with an emphasis on junior cricket, by making the courses more accessible to parents, volunteers and all budding cricket coaches.

Australian cricket is also offering fully subsidised Community Umpiring accreditation courses to groups who are traditionally underrepresented in the cricket umpiring ranks. The aim is to assist individuals who are unlikely to have been exposed to or identified by cricket’s mainstream cricket/coaching pathways. People may qualify in a number of ways. For example preference may be given to people who are:

  • Female
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • From a non-English speaking background

For more information on the qualification requirements, please email

Community coaching

Want to encourage, instruct and inspire the next generation of cricketers? Completing the community coaching course will give you the confidence to provide a positive and engaging environment where young cricketers will have fun, develop skills, compete and have success.

The course has both an online and a face to face component. You will also get access to online video resources to help and support your development as a coach and provide the latest insights into the game.

Step 1: Register with Cricket Coaches Australia (and answer the diversity questions when completing your profile).

Step 2: Complete the Introduction to Cricket Course. (It’s an online course and it’s free).

Step 3: Check out the dates of the Community Coach Courses in your State or Territory and book into a session for free (normally $120).

Book in a session


Please note that Cricket Australia actively monitors the use of promotional codes to ensure that the offer is being using in the spirit in which it was intended. You may be charged the full amount ($120 for community coaching accreditation and $40 for community official accreditation) if you are deemed not to meet Cricket Australia’s criteria of a traditionally underrepresented group. For more information on eligibility requirements, please email