Running your Club

Good administration and club management is vital to keeping your club healthy

Running your club includes a whole range of tasks, which all play a role in ensuring your club can operate as well as possible. These vary from fundraising to promoting the club through social media channels, developing working relationships with other co-tenants and the local council about the facilities and legal requirements that impact the operations of your club and volunteers (such as working with children checks and the responsible service of alcohol).

Volunteers can often deal with these requirements, while also dealing with more day-to-day related items (e.g. MyCricket for Team Selection/Results Entry/Communications to Club Members). However, for those that are less familiar with these tasks, some research and training may be required to get up to speed with the tasks involved.

For those that may be new to the role or those that are looking for some inspiration or new ideas for their club to try, please click on the menu on the right for more information and assistance.