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Cricket Australia and the University of Queensland have partnered to develop the Australian Cricket Ball Standard to ensure community clubs and associations have access to high quality and competitively priced cricket balls.

The Standard will govern the quality and performance of cricket balls used in Australia in Premier Cricket, Senior Community Turf and Senior Community Synthetic competitions with criteria and equipment to be developed to test cricket balls in other levels of competition.

In early 2019 testing commenced with balls from five manufacturers and the first balls that have been tested and met the respective criteria of the standard can now be seen in the Catalogue section 

Additional Resources

Here you will find a number of resources to help understand how manufacturers can submit balls for testing against the Australian Cricket Ball Standard, as well as a copy of the Standard itself.

Cricket Ball Test Standard

Cricket Ball Test Standard Documentation

Process Documentation

Process Documentation



Cricket balls which have been tested and deemed to have met the criteria for one of the three classifications against the Australian Cricket Ball Standard as of 21 April 2020.


Manufacturer Model
Gray Nicolls Crown Legend


Senior Club 1

Manufacturer Model
Dukes County International
Gray Nicolls Crown Prestige
KD Sports Precision

Club Match
Red King
Tuf Pitch


Senior Club 2

Manufacturer Model
Dukes Avenger
Gray Nicolls Crest First Class

KD Sports
Crown Select

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For further details regarding the submission of balls to be tested against the Australian Cricket Ball Standard, please contact:

Scott Tutton

Clubs & Competitions Manager

Cricket Australia