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Junior Cricket

Research tells us that coaches are central to the quality of experience for any player. If we simplify the main role of junior coaches it is to develop positive cricket environments for all players that inspires a lifelong love & involvement in the game.

The below video is part of the Junior Coach Course & provides some fantastic information & guidance from some of the best cricket minds in the game on your approach as a junior coach!


The Role Of The Coach


Australian Cricket's Junior Coaching Principles

Coaching a junior team on match day & at training can be daunting. However, there are several support resources available for coaches to access to help make coaching a junior team easier!

Coach Packs

Coach Packs contain all the vital information in order to setup & run a junior cricket match.
Contents include:

  • Playing Rules
  • Pitch Set Up and Measurement Process
  • Boundary Set Up and Measurement Process
  • Recommended Bowling and Batting Limit Breakdowns
  • Match Management Tips

Australian Cricket's Junior Cricket 1 - Coach Pack

Australian Cricket's Junior Cricket 2 - Coach Pack

Australian Cricket's Junior Cricket 3 - Coach Pack


We want all cricketers to have every chance to maximise their cricketing skills and enjoy a successful career. With this in mind, Cricket Australia have developed junior scorecards. The scorecards are based on best practice for assessing skills and providing feedback to your players.

You can:

  • Download and print a scorecard appropriate to the players you coach
  • Rate your players skills by completing a scorecard
  • Share the scorecard with the player

Contained in the scorecards are the skills that players should be aiming to achieve. Targeted for each indicative age group, follow the ratings on the scorecards to determine where your players are at and provide them with feedback on areas to improve. Consider completing the scorecard preseason, during the season and near the end of the season.

Stage 1 Skills Scorecard (452 KB)

Stage 2 Skills Scorecard (453 KB)

Stage 3 Skills Scorecard (453 KB)