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Junior Cricket


The Australian Junior Cricket Pathway is designed to provide a clear path from Woolworths Cricket Blast into Junior Cricket. It is developed using a staged approach to help kids develop the required skills in a fun and action-packed way.

The stages have been created based on extensive research, evidence, testing and community feedback to ensure every child is getting an experience that maximises game involvement, develops their skills & is preparing them to take the step into the adult game when they are ready! The stages of junior cricket and are considerate of the physical, mental and emotional development of kids. See below video of the results of the testing back in season 2015/2016:

A key principle of the Australian Junior Cricket Pathway is to encourage players to participate at the stage that is appropriate to their ability level. This ensures players are being challenged against players of similar ability in order to develop their confidence & competence. See overview of the staged approach below:

Junior Pathway.pdf (7.1 MB)

Junior Cricket is perfect for boys and girls from 9-18 years old or those that have graduated out of the Woolworths Cricket Blast Program and are ready to take the next step. So what are you waiting for? Please visit to find your local club today.