August Subscriber Update

Hi PlayHQ Subscribers,

Milestone 1 update
It’s been two months since the successful delivery of Milestone 1, and registrations are flowing through the PlayHQ platform. As of Monday September 6th, we’ve seen 443 registrations to State and Territory delivered Woolworths Cricket Blast (WWCB) Programs in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

While this isn’t a significant number in comparison to our projected registrations, these first couple of months have proved a solid road test for when we expect large cohorts of participants registering to WWCB Programs throughout the summer. For reference, over 50% of these Programs won’t run until after Christmas, especially in states such as Victoria, Tasmania & Western Australia. We look forward to providing you with ongoing updates as these registration numbers continue to grow.

Community engagement
In August we commenced the ‘Getting started with PlayHQ’ outbound calling campaign which will see us speak directly with each individual cricket club and association throughout the country by the end of this calendar year. These calls will allow us to provide everyone with more details on PlayHQ and the overarching transition plans, whilst also capturing contact information from key person(s) at each entity, so that we can send ongoing support messages straight to their inboxes throughout the transition period over the next 12 – 18 months. We’ve currently called 160 entities from Northern Territory and Queensland and will continue to sweep across the country over the coming months.

On Monday September 6th we wrapped up our second round of PlayHQ Community Webinars. We’d like to thank everyone who dialled in to both sessions and would like to remind everyone that post webinar comms will be distributed in the coming week, including session recordings and FAQ responses. We are aiming to host our next round of Community Webinars towards the end of this calendar year, where we will look to address several of the common questions emerging from the recent webinars.   

Player registration experience survey
We would also like to thank those of you who took the time to complete the ‘player registration experience survey’ that went out last month. The survey was sent out to random members of the community and received ~1150 completions, providing responses from three different perspectives: parents, players and club administrators. 

The insights gained from the survey will help inform how we can further improve the registration experience through PlayHQ.

PlayCricket Release 2
As you will remember from our July update, in addition to launching PlayHQ, July 1st marked the initial release of our PlayCricket website refresh. As of 1pm yesterday, Cricket Australia’s technical gurus have successfully delivered the second release completing this body of work. Following some customer led research conducted earlier in the year, we have updated the customer journey on PlayCricket to help facilitate users finding a suitable program for themselves or their child. Check out the website here.

For users who already know what Club/Centre they want to play at or register to, they can continue to use the “Find a Club or Centre” function in the top right hand corner of the site.

For a user that already knows what program or type of cricket they want to participate in, they can select the relevant program from the page navigation options across the top of the site and on the landing page click “Find a local club/centre”. Users will then be able to search via postcode against the program or type of cricket they have selected to a find a club or centre.

Club Websites Survey
With Cricket Australia’s transition to PlayHQ, all existing InteractSport website solutions will be decommissioned. It is understood that while interaction with a designated club website is on a downward slide, with less than 50% of club’s updating their InteractSport website in the past 3 years, there are clubs out there that would still require a website solution.

To help us gain insights into the current usage of websites by club administrators, and your preferences moving forward, please take 5 minutes to complete this survey. Your feedback will help inform the solution provided to clubs when they transition across to PlayHQ.

Subscribers Community
We’re very excited that this Subscribers community has continued to grow over the past couple of months, now above 550 people. If you know of others within your club and/or association who may also like to receive regular Project updates, please ask them to complete this registration form and we will add them to our growing list of community subscribers.

And don’t forget, if you miss an update, or you are a new subscriber, you can see all previous updates here.

Thank you again for your involvement and joining us on this journey.