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The National Facilities Audit is a Cricket Australia initiative designed to establish the future facility needs of cricket across the country. The audit will capture the most detailed set of facility data in the history of Australian cricket and will be the catalyst for the development of facility strategies in each state and territory.

Our aim is to ensure that cricket facilities are fun and welcoming places to play cricket, and provide every Australian with the opportunity to participate in Cricket in their community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Cricket Facilities Audit?

Cricket Australia, in partnership with the State and Territory Associations, is gathering the most detailed data-set related to community cricket facilities in Australian history. We’ll be visiting approximately 8000 facilities across the country to gather information on grounds, practice facilities, pavilions and other supporting infrastructure.

Why is the National Cricket Facilities Audit important for Australian Cricket?

The National Cricket Facilities Audit will provide an important insight into current trends and facility demands, and guide the development of strategies to ensure that the right types of facilities are developed in the right locations.

How will the audit be conducted?

Facility audits will be completed primarily via on-site auditing. Facility Auditors will also work with local councils, schools and facility managers to collect additional information that is available.

What will the information be used for?

Facility information will be used to identify local, regional, state and national trends, and will provide the foundation for the development of facility strategies across the country. Information collected during facility audits will ensure Australian Cricket can cater for continued growth in cricket participation.

Are my local council involved?

An Australian Cricket representative will make contact with your local council to discuss the facility audit process and how they may be able to assist.

Where can I find more information about the National Facility Audit?

If you have any queries regarding the Facility audit contact this email address for more information.