Contacts and Help

MyCricket Support Website

The MyCricket Support website offers a suite of step-by-step information about all things MyCricket. This includes help administering your club in MyCricket, competition management, online registration and payments, website information and much more.

MyCricket Support Helpdesk

The MyCricket Support Helpdesk has Cricket Australia staff ready to assist you when you need to speak to someone about anything MyCricket! The helpdesk can help you with any questions you may have by giving us a call on 1800 CRICKET or email

State and Territory Staff

State and Territory staff in conjunction with Cricket Australia want to ensure clubs, associations, volunteers and players and cricket as a whole is thriving in the community. State and Territory staff have a wealth of knowledge which can assist you in providing the best cricket environment you can in your community. Contact your state or territory to get in contact with your local cricket staff member.