Australian Cricket Pathway

Backyard to Baggy Green
Cricket is Australia’s favourite sport; millions enjoy the opportunity to play this great game and rise through its ranks

A pathway for all

Cricket is Australia’s favourite sport; millions enjoy the opportunity to play this great game and rise through its ranks.

Cricket is a sport for all and whether it’s adults playing club cricket or kids having their first hit, having fun is a priority. But we’re also dedicated to helping talented players from all backgrounds develop and transition to the next level.

Over 1.2 million people a year play cricket in Australia and benefit from the buzz of hitting the ball, taking a wicket or grabbing a catch, as well as enjoying the camaraderie of being part of a team.

We want all cricketers to have every chance to maximise their cricketing skills and enjoy a successful career. Beginning with our great entry level programs for children and working through different representative levels to the national teams, it should be clear to all players that if they are good enough there is a clear pathway for them to succeed. While not everyone can fulfil the dream of representing their country, it’s good to know there is a clear route from the backyard to the baggy green and all stages in between.

So whether you’ve never held a bat, are desperate to get back into it or have a passing interest, there’s never been a better time to start playing Australia’s favourite sport. I wish everyone luck on their cricketing journey

James Sutherland
Cricket Australia CEO

Australian Cricket Pathway

Australian Cricket Pathway

Australian Cricket Pathway Brochure

The principles of the Pathway are:

  1. Focus is on enhancing players enjoyment and retention by:
    • Encouraging players to compete at their skill level (age is indicative only)
    • Graduated player numbers to increase activity levels for all players by providing more space on field and game opportunities
    • Graduated complexity of match formats to support skill development
    • Providing options of game duration to suit players and families
  2. Consistent formats are aligned to the Australian Cricket Pathway competency framework.
  3. Representative cricket is designed to stretch the best players. This includes inter-association, Regional, State and National Championships
  4. Coach development, accreditation and skills are aligned to the formats and level of the player
  5. Coaching resources are consistent with the Australian Cricket Pathway framework and support development of player skills throughout the formats
  6. Female pathways can use same formats however the progression may be different depending on experience and numbers of players

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